Any time you make an investment you expect a return and that is exactly what you get from the training housed within this site.  The information is delivered using an easy to understand methodology which allows for immediate understanding and application.



To skillfully help our clients overcome common life obstacles allowing them to grow and expand and live a more happy, fulfilled and productive  life.


To be an internationally recognized leader in the personal development and growth industry.

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You will notice that the trainings are from a variety of thought leaders and trainers. They contain quality videos and relevant downloads that you can refer to and review again and again as you not only learn but master the content.


Over the past years we have engaged thousands of clients in over two hundred events in over 7 different nations

Nation served globally
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Client Testimonials

Dr. Kathy Barton Brown

“Dr. Ruben West is a phenomenal catalyst for change in the earth! He has dedicated his life to empowering, inspiring and motivating individuals to “Live Your Best Life” through global Conferences, Anthology Books and Civility focused Conversations and Activities. His Trainings are empowering and life changing! My leadership success can be largely be attributed to his training and support. He is the “Piped Piper” of leaders who desire to be impactful and make change in the earth… Humorous, Warm, Brilliant, Sensitive and Powerful perfectly describes Dr. Ruben West!"

Dr. Sonya Robinson

"Do you want to experience new levels of success and fulfillment? I highly recommend working with Dr. West. He is the President and Founder of Black Belt Speakers, Professional Success Coach, World Civility Ambassador, International Speaker and much more. He is best known for his ability to engage, interact, inspire and motivate others to achieve their greatest potential. Once I started working with Dr. West, I received a new outlook on life. Suddenly, I began to embrace and use my gifts to a greater degree. I started saying “Yes” and haven’t looked back."

Jeff Marconette, Jr

"I knew I had a great story about overcoming and determination, but it never seemed to come out right when I was telling it. Dr. Ruben West taught me some extremely easy to use techniques that took my game to a whole new level of impact. Since working with him, I am a multiple award winning international speaker that has gained the knowledge to succeed."

Dominic Obadiah

"As a life-coach, I always wanted to upscale,take my public speaking and life coaching to the next level. When our paths crossed, Dr. Ruben West personally trained me through his public speaking company. (Black Belt Speakers) My client base has shifted from tens to thousands in less than two years. I am highly rated as one of the top public speakers in Kenya. The testimonials from my clients are amazing. I started my public speaking brand, Global Voice Speakers (GVS) that is transforming my generation in my country. Dr. West is a regional voice for our African continent."

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